From Chair of the Board

The starting point of the SOSHI Educational Group was when Hiroshi Ohashi, founder of the group, started a private after-school tutoring service, 'Learning Circle', with four children.

While teaching and learning with them, Ohashi became so inspired that he decided to devote his life to education.

While passionately continuing his work, Ohashi found myriad issues concerning education for children.

'We must change education', thought Ohashi. 'We must create education that we believe will best cater to the needs of children so that they can fully unleash their potential to reach their future goals.'

Since then, as a private provider and an innovator in education, the SOSHI Educational Group has continued its pursuit of 'education as a creative challenge.'

50 years have already passed since our start, and we have grown to cover a whole range of education from preschool to tertiary levels.

Like a big forest that embraces thousands of lives, our group has developed itself as a consortium of educational institutions, where collaborative activities between schools are causing synergistic effects.

Education can go beyond borders and generations, creating the future of society. In the pursuit of creative solutions to educational challenges, we are developing individuals who can offer new values to a rapidly changing, more diversified world.

'We can create new values only when we continue to challenge conventional practices.'

Challenge and creation. This is the source of growth both in education and in the individual. To encourage young people and help them make their dreams come true, we will continue our educational pursuits.

Our pursuit of education as a creative challenge never ends. Our journey into the next 50 years has just started.

With passion, conviction and determination, we continue to move forward in creating new conceptions of education.

Hiroshi Ohashi

Chair of the Board, SOSHI GAKUEN Incorporated