SOSHI Educational Group

Musashino College of Arts

Empowering students, elevating them to world class artists

Today’s globalised world sees increased exchanges of cultural and artistic activities. Talented young people who can contribute to the promotion of art in the international arena are in high demand. Musashino College of Arts trains emerging artists, using four key words for their skill development: globalisation, creation, communication and art. We have started new initiatives, such as our joint programmes with Tama Art University and Musashino Art University, so that we can produce graduates at the forefront of their respective fine arts fields.


  • Shinnosuke Mikami

Producing innovators who change the world of art

Art has the power to move people. Art can change the world.
It is our mission to put our utmost energy into developing young artists who are emerging creators.
Musashino College of Arts is a launching pad for students who aspire to work as art specialists, including artists, industrial designers and fine art instructors.


Location 1-27-2 Nakacho, Musashino
Tokyo 180-0006 JAPAN
Phone +81 (0)422 50 1177
Access 3 minutes on foot from North Exit, Mitaka Station, JR Chuo or Sobu Lines or Tokyo Metro Tozai Line