Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Education as a Creative Challenge

Education is about taking on new challenges to bring our dreams to fruition.
We have unlimited freedom to pursue them.


Education can change society. Education can shape the future. Education can go beyond borders.
With passion, conviction and determination, we continue to move forward in creating new conceptions of education.

Our Principles

Dream, Challenge, Achieve.

For continuous improvement, you must dream, set a goal, and keep making an effort until your goal is achieved.

The goal you achieve will give you joy and encouragement so you can start working towards the next goal.

The continuous cycle of ‘Dream, Challenge, Achieve’ is how we work at SOSHI Educational Group.

Our Emblem

Our infinite educational pursuit is symbolised by a blue circle.

The three lines in it respectively represent our ‘educational activities’, ‘promotional activities’ and ‘research activities’.

They are our drivers by which we continue to address current and future creative challenges in education.